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Euronews spreads his network and offers itself Alex Taylor

The chain of international information Euronews will spread his network while opening in 2011 eleven offices through the world, with always a marked accent on Europe, announced the leaders of the chain Tuesday.  “It is the European values that we reflect, but we are not the voice of Brussels, but rather a chain made in Europe”, underlined the president of the board of directors, Philippe Cayla, at the time of a press conference. 

Facing the competition of the “70 indexed chains of information in Europe”, “we are the only multilingual chain, with a multicultural compilation and a world-wide distribution, that carries an European look on the world-wide current event”, it added.  After Brussels (20 people), Cairo and Doha, Euronews will be present equally in a manner permanent to London, Paris and Kiev (local compilation) but also Istanbul, Dubaï, Washington and Peking. 

Will follow notably in 2012, Such Aviv and Astana, to the Kazakhstan.  The chain, that receives subsidies of the European Commission, will equally add one 11E broadcasting language to his arch, the Ukrainian, August 24.  “The European Commission has besides recognized to the chain Euronews a mission of public service thanks to Viviane Reding (European commissioner to Justice, editor’s note)”, from which “a facilitated financing”, specified to the AFP Philippe Cayla.  Criticized for his impersonal side, all in pictures, Euronews decided also of “to humanize itself”, while putting more forward the journalists, with duplexes, and exclusive interviews, indicated Lucian Sârb, at the head of the compilation since 2009. 

Two new faces arrive to the antenna, Alex Taylor and Chris Burns.  With 23 represented nationalities, Euronews is an European chain that counts 700 assistants of which 370 journalists.  Broadcast on five continents and majority looked at by the social category of the CSP +, Euronews assures to be able to be received by 45% of the world-wide population.  Euronews, that has his social seat close to Lyon, to Ecully, hears besides to be on all the screens, numerical tablets and smartphones, as well as on the connected television to internet.  Euronews is held by 21 shareholders, principally European public chains, of which the French public television (25% France Television), Italian, Russian, Turkish and Swiss.  She realized a sales of 60 million Euros in 2009, with 25% of its recipes originating European Union, for a profit of 1.2 million Euros.

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Last modified: September 5, 2020