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“The thing I enjoy most about hosting events is
the moment when you suddenly realize that the person on stage has really got their message across to the audience.  My role is to help them do that.  Having hosted over 750 events worldwide, often in a multilingual and multicultural context, I have learnt a few things; not only about how to make audiences interested and motivated, but also about how to put people at ease, especially if they’re not used to public speaking!

I have ten years TV experience presenting programmes about Europe on French and German television, as well as for the BBC.  Increasingly, I believe that a TV interview format helps CEOs to get their message across.In my experience, I have found that many company events can be made far more interactive and lively if I, as the host, go down into the audienceand encourage participation.  This helps to make people feel part of the group, especially in the international context big companies find themselves in.Sometimes however, it is the more modest Awards Ceremonies which are the most fun to host, as you realise that people’s efforts have been appreciated by their colleagues, and how moving that can be for them. My role is to make sure these events run smoothly and I know quite a few tricks to ensure this happens!I am constantly inspired by the variety of people I meet at all
kinds of events, and would be delighted to offer my experience to guarantee your next event is a success!

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Last modified: September 5, 2020

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